September 2014: Things to look forward to…


September is here and it feels almost more like New Years Day than January 1st! I always feel like there is an atmosphere of change around this time of year. Well, here are a heap of things to look forward to this month:

  • Enjoyment to the fullest of whatever sunshine and warm weather is left. Then enjoyment of the change in weather and the addition of crisp cool air!
  • Herb garden progress monitoring. Seriously-am loving this little project! Next year, I will get started earlier!
  • Harvest time (maybe even including my herb garden!). A lot of produce is harvested around this time and that means many things to enjoy that are in season.
  • Busy times at work. Now, this does not sound good but, it will allow me to save up a heap of banked time and do a lot of  taking days off and relaxing in November when the world seems so miserable!
  • Smart phone upgrade. I think this will be the month that I finally make the switch!
  • One month health and well being challenge for myself…to get my goals kick-started!

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