The husband’s vacation…


My husband loves winter. A lot. So, earlier this year when he said he wanted to plan out our next getaway, I knew he would plan a snowy winter trip. He brought it up recently and I realize he must be sick of summer (how wrong is that???). He even wants to choose some dates and start planning with our friends who he has invited to come along. We are thinking of mid-December as that should be prime snowfall time.

Husband's ideal vacation!

Husband’s ideal vacation!

So, earlier in the day, we sat down in front of the computer and had a look at a few locations and rentals. His dream is a log cabin in the middle of nowhere surrounded by heaps of snow. During this process, I realized we will probably end up in a very remote location…with no internet!!!! Ha ha ha. Now, I like nature and I like winter so I think it will be nice and relaxing for a short period of time (these snowy fairylands are beautiful and enjoyable as long as I know it is a visit and not a permanent move to a location that has a 8 month long winter!). However, too long…and I would go crazy! I have a hard time being too idle and too cooped up so unless there are all kinds of winter activities, I will need to bring along a stack of books and films and projects.

I am sure I can look forward to lots of reading time in front of a cozy fire (the cabin must have a fireplace or we are not taking it!), hopefully some winter activities such as snowshoeing (harder than it looks!), snowmobiling (so fun!), and just playing in the snow (all activities I hope the place we go to has available). I know my husband LOVES to drive in the snow so I expect we will take the “scenic routes” along the way there and back. Am sure there will be lots of hot chocolate, cooking together, movie watching at night, and drinking-maybe I can learn to make mulled wine during this trip!

Although, winter trips (other than ski trips in cute resort villages) are not my favorite, I am sure I will enjoy and am already looking forward to this excursion. For now, however, I will push it away as I must enjoy the last of the summer! As they say, there is only now, after all!


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