Tranquility at the lake…


LakeThe most popular-and fabulous-lake near our house is madness during the summer weekends. Tourists flock to the area, they rent out all the summer cabins, tents and campers fill the nearby parks, and the lake shore is crowded with families with children, packs of teenagers, and groups of young and old enjoying drinks and bbqs. All the nearby attractions are busy and bustling and the seasonal businesses are booming. However, during the week (especially towards evening) the lake returns to the tranquil state it is in for the majority of the year when there are no tourists or visitors from the city. This is the perfect time to visit.

The other day, my husband and I wanted to enjoy a quiet weekday off together after taking care of a heap of hectic errands in the day. So, in the late afternoon, we packed up our neat insulated cooler bag that my sister gave us with a bottle of chilled wine, a few soft drinks, and fresh fruit (mostly cherries and berries!). We picked up some potato chips and sandwiches along the way and made our way to this lake. As expected, on a weekday and towards sunset, it was nice and quiet. I had wanted my husband to check out this local lake as I knew he would like it and had put it on my things to look forward to for this month as I love to visit this lake. We found a nice picnic table in the shade in the trees and unpacked our food and enjoyed the beautiful setting as sunset drew nearer and many people started to leave in order to get home for dinner.

Our underwater camera caught some fish in the water.

Our underwater camera caught some fish in the water.

After our meal on a picnic table, we moved over to the sunshine and lake and sat on the docks, dangling our feet in the water. The water was just a touch cool at first but then quite temperate once you adjusted. It was very relaxing. My husband amused himself by feeding and trying to catch tiny fish (and finally testing out the underwater feature on our new camera) while I got lost in a book. While there were still a few swimming and splashing kids around, it was still very tranquil and relaxing. I felt an amazing sense of connection with and admiration for the planet just then. Everything felt right and I hope my children and theirs will get to enjoy this same spot. The day reinforced the importance of being as green as possible and taking care of this earth. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful region of the world.


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