Sick in the summer…


summercoldYesterday I had to leave work early because I thought my allergies were kicking in and I could not focus with all the sneezing and sniffling. Turns out, I have a summer cold and I had to take another day off today. I also had a random day off booked for tomorrow anyway so the earliest I will return to work is Thursday (when I am sure a heap of work will be waiting for me). Oh well. I am not pleased as I was planning to really enjoy my day off tomorrow but instead will probably be miserable all day. Being sick in the summer always feels much worse.

This past Saturday we went to a local fair so I am pretty sure this is where it all started. With thousands of people coming and going and touching everything with possibly germy hands, I am sure I probably touched a germy surface and transferred some bacteria to myself which kicked off this cold on Sunday night. I am guessing it will take at least 3-7 more days to rid of it (probably killing  the joy of my weekend as well! Argh!!!).

Trying to figure out if you have allergies or a summer cold? There is an article for this! Just click here! 


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