Random days off work…


I love taking random days off of work during the week-and over the next few weeks I will get to enjoy one or two. In fact, one of the items on my list this year is to take at minimum 5 random days off. On these days, it feels special…like some kind of bonus day of life. Sometimes I can plan it so it is a day my husband also has off. In this case, we always make the day fun for both of us and do something together.

Other times, I am alone at home so I do whatever I want! Whether its binging on reality tv, cooking up a storm, reading old magazines, sleeping in until noon, or even cleaning and de-cluttering the house all day, it is my day. Sometimes I read novels for hours, other times I take care of all my weekly errands in a day, or just drift around meeting up with friends and family members.

My last random day off, I cleaned and organized half my kitchen. I went through all the cupboards and rid myself of anything we have not used in a year, scrubbed and sanitized these cupboards, and restocked them in an orderly manner. I even decided I would take all my packages of various herbs out of their store packets and transfer them to air tight jars which I created cute labels for. It made me want to cook so that night I made roasted lemon herb potatoes as our side dish. It was not a relaxing day off but it gave me a great sense of satisfaction.

Last week at work, I was told I had to bring my vacation bank down so I booked off all sorts of random days from now to the end of the year. I will still have enough for our winter vacation which my husband has yet to plan. Some of the random days off, however, are strategic to line up with long weekends and Christmas and others are just totally random but give me something to look forward to. I would also like to get a few things done on these days. For now, these include: deep cleaning the rest of the house as I did on that kitchen cleaning day, trying to cook new things as I get satisfaction out of discovering dishes we can repeat, socializing with my loved ones and doing fun things with my husband, going to the dentist for a cleaning, and trying new things. I do not want  my special days off to be full of regular weekly errands and tasks! This will take away from the specialness.

Here is a great article on why taking random days off work is the best!


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