Social media/blog reality vs actual reality…


A while back I came across this video about social media reality vs. actual reality. Here is the link. Hilarious (!!!!) and also probably quite true in some cases (although perhaps a bit exaggerated in this video). I do think many people present a rosy picture of their lives or even an outright lie on their social media accounts or in blogs. I know for certain I have one friend who is guilty of this on Facebook and it baffles me as to why she does this when we all know her true feelings and that her posts are lies. Perhaps there are others on her friend list she is trying to impress? Who knows!

Anyway, in thinking about my own blog here, I know that I like to share certain things about my life and focus on them. Other aspects of my life I will never mention as they are entirely private-many of these things I would only share with the closest of friends. Of course, there are also plenty of negative things in my life and, although I will mention them or allude to them once in a while, I choose not to focus on them in too much detail. No one wants to recount all the details of the horrible fight they had with their spouse, or the silly choices they made and are paying for now, or any number of other skeletons in their closets. I think some filtering is quite normal. After all, when someone asks how you are when they see you… it would not be appropriate to launch into a long tale of misery but be adequate to say that one is fine or just focus on a few positive updates without going into detail. Not airing the dirty laundry is a bit of a norm, I would say. I suppose the difference in social media/blogs is that we can get into so much detail in blogs or visual detail with photos on some social media that we are almost creating a whole facade.

I can see how this is not very healthy (and how people who are on Facebook etc too much can get depressed or feel inadequate if they are already vulnerable/susceptible to these feelings) and with all the technology available now it can be easy to manipulate visuals and text to create a false image-but all throughout history there has always been people who do this and want this. I would not want to do this for myself so try to be honest as possible in my own blog and Facebook account without having to get into all the details of everything. I think readers/viewers also need to understand that there is much more to a person that the images they post and the text they write.


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