Raksha bandhan 2014…


rakshabandhan1Today was Raksha Bandhan! I have written about this South Asian holiday in this previous post you can click on to read. In honour of this special day for siblings, I arranged for all my sibs (except the one in Florida  due to distance) and my husband who is a brother-in-law to all of them if not a sibling directly to set aside some time for a nice lunch out together. We all took some time out of our busy lives and sat down to a meal which can be quite rare these days! I made a quick toast and suggested we make this our tradition from now on in addition to the usual more traditional practices. They thought it was a nice idea. After all, we are children who were all born here in the west and although we will carry on many traditions, it is important to also create our own in this new cultural mix as well.

Afterwards, we all went back to my parents house where we tied the traditional rakhis to symbolize our bond. I selected a red one as this colour symbolizes good things in most Asian cultures. In return the sisters were given a financial token from my brother and we spend the rest of the day hanging out together as well also quickly visiting the homes of other nearby cousins who we are close with. Many of these cousins have no sister of their own so it is common for female cousins to step in at this time.

It was nice to take some time out to mark this special occasion. It was also an opportunity for my husband to learn the meaning behind the events and take part himself. My sisters were impressed he knew what it was all about (I gave him a good over-view this morning!). Last year, I also explained it to my Florida niece-I will have to call her tomorrow to see if she was a good listener!


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