Herb garden…

Day one-creating the jars with decent soil and drainage system.

Day one-creating the jars with decent soil and drainage system.

This year I decided I want to put my green thumb to the test and try to grow something. I considered a few options and finally decided on an herb garden. Since it is already August, I know I have missed the boat on many outdoor options so decided the herb garden is something I can move indoors once it cools down and enjoy all year long. Also, the harvest will actually be useful as I can dry or freeze the herbs and use them in my cooking all year long.

I did some research online and found a cute idea to grow the herbs in old jars. I ransacked my kitchen cupboards and found 7 perfect identical jars and decided I would start with those. After that, I rushed off to the store and picked up seed packets and good soil. Soon after, I was at home creating the foundation and base for the jars and then planting the seeds. A week or so has gone by and I have been keeping the jars in a sunny spot and watering every other day or so. The clear glass helps give a good idea as to how much moisture is actually in the soil and the rocks on the bottom provide great drainage in the case of over-watering.

My research has also indicated the following time lines for the seeds to germinate (these are also the herbs I have planted so far but do have a few more in mind if I ever get around to it!)

  • Basil 4-10 days
  • Chives 7-14 days
  • Cilantro 7-10 days
  • Dill 7-21 days
  • Marjoram 7-21 days
  • Parsley 14-60 days
  • Thyme 14-28 days
My basil jar exactly one week later!

My basil jar exactly one week later!

Well, it has been about a week and so far only the basil has sprouted. I was so thrilled to see these tiny sprouts as there has been no other action and I worried that I was perhaps under-watering but just like that one day there was nothing and the next afternoon the sprouts were there so now I know just to be more patient. I also worried I had some old or bad seed packets since it is the end of the year and these were marked down to super cheap prices.

Am very excited about this little project and once all the sprouts are bigger, I will make the jars a bit cuter with better labels. More progress reports and photos to come over the next few weeks!


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