Creator of my own misery…

A fair warning!

A fair warning!

The other day I was a very bad wife. My husband did one thing that was a bit inconsiderate but really was not a big deal…and I freaked out and created a huge drama. This lead to a big fight and extended residual drama for almost two days. I hated it. Just last night we finally managed to let it go and make up. It was a relief to be able to get back to normal.

I knew I was wrong during this time but kept at it for some reason. I have done this before (not often but definitely have done it) and I have to stop. Of course, I do not do it regularly but I need to recognize it when I do and STOP instead of knowing it is not good but still do it. I make a mountain of a molehill and then things really suck and I regret my actions that started it all. A bad cycle. I have to stop or I will continue to be the creator of my own misery…and I do not want that (especially when so many real miserable things are out there that could happen!).


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