Our Monday night dinner party…


One of the things I have wanted to do for the last while is to host an event or cook a nice meal for others. I even put it on my list of things I would do this year. Well, this event happened rather spontaneously just a while ago. Normally, I would have liked to plan it all but it all worked out perfectly so I will count it as mission accomplished and describe it here.

On a random Monday, my husband was not working. I suppose he got bored or some kind of inspiration struck him as he gave me a call at work and asked if I could come home early as that particular day, he had decided he was cooking a traditional Georgian meal and we were going to host a dinner party for a few of our friends. He had already called and invited them and told me to expect 8 guests. I could not help but laugh at how random he was and told him I could only leave work a few hours early and not immediately. He said it would not be a problem as he would work on the prep (and do most of the cooking anyways).

Some of our feast including lobiani, khatchapuri, fresh raspberries, stuffed mushrooms, Georgian salad, fresh bread, and pan fried potatoes.

Some of our feast including lobiani, khatchapuri, fresh raspberries, stuffed mushrooms, Georgian salad, fresh bread, and pan fried potatoes.

A short while later, I got a call asking me to walk him through how to use the breadmaker to make a yeast based dough. Luckily, I have this memorized and was able to help. Even later, I got a call from him while he was at the grocery store where he was trying to explain to the clerk what kind of beans he needed for a special dish. I translated and we hung up.

Several hours later, I made it home from work to find all the guests had already arrived and that they were helping with the food preparation. This is NOT how I would do it as I like guests to relax and only see the final product…I am a big fan of presentation making an impression and seeing the process can ruin it all. Anyway, I redirected them outside to our outdoor table-which had been cleaned but was bare-and set up a decent table and served an appetizer to keep them busy. We barely had enough dishes available since my husband dirtied many of them up in his chaotic cooking. The incredible mess he made was unbelievable.

I gave all the guests a drink, left them to chat with one another, and hurried back in to help and organize my husband. He was planning to serve dishes in the pots and pans they were cooked in!!! Just horrible. I quickly corrected this by digging out some of the serving platters and transferring items. Soon, all was ready and we hurried out with the food and joined the guests. At the last second I noticed we did not have wine on the table and no Georgian meal is a real Georgian meal without wine. Luckily, we had a few bottles on hand that I pulled out. I also threw together a few raspberry margaritas since we had some fresh raspberries available. Other drinks included beer, water, and soft drinks.

We finally all sat down in the shade of a giant tree and spend the next few hours eating, enjoying great conversation, and drinking as the sun slowly set. It was the perfect summer Monday evening and has inspired me to re-create it with some of my own family members. I think it will be a great bonding experience and allow my husband and I to show off a bit-something we never do!


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