My cheap July…


Being a cheap chick can be easy and fun!

Being cheap was something I was looking forward to for the month of July. The plan was to live and enjoy on the cheap for a month in order to make a bigger dent in my debt throughout July-but still not sacrifice quality of life. The challenge was to be smarter with my hard earned cash and to get more out of it. Well, the month is over but since I enjoyed it so much, I think I will be cheap for another month! Just have a look at my successes:

  • Discovered a mobile app that saved us an average of half price on food and drink when going to restaurants-this was awesome!
  • Picked up wine direct from the vineyard and saved $5 per bottle compared to purchasing at a regular store.
  • Redeemed store “points” to purchase 50$ in groceries which saved me from paying, of course. Also, used the coupon that came on one of the products to get 2 free bottles of Fanta. I usually ignore these things but thought, why not this time.
  • Purchased a GROUPON for a fun date activity and saved 92$ when compared to the regular price
  • Free entertainment this month included visits to a local farm, going to a movie premier that my sister won tickets to, wine tasting, joining our friends on their camping evening, a walk along the beach and pier, attending two local festival, and hosting our own dinner party (hours of entertainment at a fraction of the restaurant price-plus so much more fun).
  • Buying our gas from a nearby town when we pass through since it is always much cheaper there! It makes a difference when you have to commute to work.

All of this was pretty easy to fit into daily life but just took a little searching out when I had some down time. Because of it we were also able to afford all kinds of other things that required us to pay (regular price, that is!) including a day at the water-slides and going to an expensive VIP movie theatre for a special 3D movie and sending some money to my husband’s family abroad so they can take some time off and go to their summer house this month.

It is summer, so we wanted to fill our days with fun but am sure the above helped stretch our dollars a lot further and the little tricks will come in handy in other less exciting months leaving us an excess of money which can go towards savings. As I also mentioned in a prior post, by using cash, I have been skimming off some funds here and there and setting them aside to make a bonus payment on my credit card. As of today, I have a good $150 extra to put towards that expense. Yahoo!


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