Morning glory…


quotebfranklinOne thing I have wanted to do this year is to start to wake up earlier in the day and enjoy the mornings. Due a recent shift in my husband’s work schedule, this has come earlier than expected and so far has been a bit rough! Rather than morning glory, it has been more like morning inglory! However, I am sure all will be settled and I will begin to enjoy it within a week or so.

The extra time in the morning has already made me feel as if I have much more time in the day overall-despite going to bed a bit earlier. It also gives me an hour or so alone before I head off to work myself. When I get there, I tend to work a longer day as well-and be more productive since I am finally catching up on things. I plan to bank all these extra hours and complete another action on my list of 32: take off random days from work. Those are the best! I also need to book off vacation days since my vacation bank is getting quite high and I will need to bring it down by the end of the year as per our company policy. Since my husband and I will not be going anywhere until the end of the year, I think I will book some August “stay-cation” days on the days  my husband also has off from work.

As per my other goal related to waking up early, I have started making breakfast more often. One of the most delicious items-though a bit heavy for the morning-is a potato and egg wrap with a spicy salsa. Makes a great dinner as well since it is so filling. I will have to dig up more breakfast ideas since, in the past, this was a meal that did not happen for me all that often. Am hoping my husband will also join in on my breakfasts since he still prefers to dash out the door rather than taking a minute to eat.

Anyway, here is a great little article outlining many of the benefits to waking up earlier in the morning. I will be sure to refer to it in winter when waking up early means waking up to darkness and not sunlight outside! At that time, I will need all the help I can get!


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