Summer festival weekend…


Each year we end up attending at least one festival. In our region, they tend to be in the summer. The two we ended up attending both took place this past weekend. One was a local hoe down type of carnival where we got to watch live animal shows (mostly dogs doing various tricks) along with gun drawing and shooting contests. We met the national champion of some type of gun related skill. Turns out he is from Armenia (which I guessed based on his looks and accent and was confirmed when my husband asked him) so my husband chatted with him in Russian. There were also all kinds of booths, merchants, carnival foods to try, and rides and entertainment. It was not the most well attended festival (it was geared towards the residents of our little village) but surprisingly a pretty great event. I will definitely go again.

The next one was a diversity festival featuring all kinds of knick-knacks and cultural displays from various countries along with traditional food for purchase. It was very well attended and had big sponsors to help pay the bills. The best part was that, in advance, we realized the country of Georgia would have a booth. We managed to track down a phone number for the main person in charge and he called us the day of the event and invited us to attend. So, for the first time in a long time, my husband connected with his countrymen. They spoke fluently, we all ate heaps of Georgian food, and it was great! Numbers were exchanged and I hope friendships will develop. There is a tiny local community spread out in the region that we knew of but could not connect to until now. I look forward to seeing what will happen.

All in all, a great summer weekend!


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