Sister time….


The last few weeks I have made an extra effort to hang out with one of my sisters. We have always been the two siblings out of our family that are the most alike in many ways and we always enjoy each other’s company. Currently, we both work in the same town (though neither of us live there). So, I invited her out for dinner the other night after work and it was great to catch up one to one. We have not had much time to do so since my husband moved to this country as we tend to spend a lot of time as a couple and everyone tends to get a two for one combo whether they like it or not. But, this time, it was just her and I. Of all my siblings, I know we will always remain closest.100

Yesterday, we again connected for the pre-screening of movie she won free passes to (also in our work town). The move is produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah (to name some of the many producers) and called The Hundred Foot Journey. It sounded familiar when she mentioned it and it turns out it is based on the book I read some time back. Click for my thoughts on it. The movie was cute and well done. I think every person in that packed cinema wanted to immediately move to France after viewing it-including my sister! Of course, it was a bit unrealistic and romanticized but film is supposed to help you escape reality, after all.

Anyway, it has been great to hang out with her these past few weeks. It was one of the priorities I gave myself for this year. Now, I will just have to catch up and fit in some quality time with my others siblings!


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