Forest visit…


Main remote road to lake-this photo taken in winter last year.

Last night, my husband and I visited our friends at a campsite not too far away from where we live. Despite not being too far away, it felt like a world away as the location is still quite remote and requires driving on gravel roads up a mountain where there is no cell phone service. It was nice to get out into the forest at a beautiful location next to a natural lake in moonlight. Definitely a nice summer activity-although winter is my favourite time to head out to this location and enjoy a bonfire.

Although it was warm and the moon was almost full and providing a lot of light, I insisted we still make a fire as it creates a nice atmosphere. I could sit in front of a fire with good company (and to some extent even mediocre company) for hours. We then enjoyed the evening chatting, drinking, and bbq-ing until it started to get light.

Although we have camped before and do enjoy it, we both prefer to come home to our own comfortable beds-even if it means rolling in at daylight! Considering how close the location was to home as well, we would not bother sleeping there when we could just go home. I also like to shower and get out the dust and smoke from my hair. However, even when we do go to mountains further away, we always prefer to only stay one night. I think one night is more than enough, personally. After that, I want my hot shower and computer! Ha ha ha. But, since it had been a while for me since I last visited this location, last night definitely made me appreciate once again how beautiful our world is.


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