Shopping for gifts…


Today I knew I had to shop for two special occasions. The first is my friend’s upcoming baby shower. Luckily, she had a registry at the store Toys R Us so there was not much guess work or browsing needed. After all, I would have been totally overwhelmed if I did not have the registry. I mean, the Sophie the Giraffe products looked cute…but were they really useful? Would she want useful or cute? Perhaps she was going with a non-animal theme! Ha ha ha-the registry, in my opinion, is a good thing.

I realized I have never stepped foot in this store in the past despite having a niece and nephew. I quickly printed the registry and discovered quickly that many of the items have already been snapped up by others. However, out of all the blankets, diaper genies, baby spoons etc, only two words stood out to me-Jolly Jumper. I knew this is the gift I wanted to purchase as it screamed fun. Also, I am sure the mother to be would love to be able to put baby down to entertain itself once in awhile. A few minutes later, I was out of there. Perfect.

Then, I had to shop for my husband as our anniversary is coming up. This year our anniversary is during the week and we will both have to work. However, on one of the upcoming weekends we plan to spend the day together doing something fun and new. I am thinking of renting some segways (as he has commented a few times he wants to try one out) and taking a cruise along the beach. We can follow that with a picnic or romantic dinner. However, I also want to surprise him with a gift so I did a quick spin around the mall to see what I can find. I picked up some nice formal wear shoes as he tends to always wear the same ones-and he had a ton of casual shoes-along with a nice cologne since I noticed his one and only is running very low. Hopefully he likes these gifts!

Anyway, after shopping I met up with one of my dear friends in the area for an early dinner. We caught up over pasta and dessert and have made plans for a summertime hike later this month. Only 8 or 9 nice weekends before the autumn seriousness will take over so got to make the most of these precious summer months.


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