Chocolate covered strawberries…



Each year, I strive to become a better domestic diva! By this, I mean slowly adding a bit more to my domestic goddess skills. Sure, I do not need to be a Martha Stewart, but increasingly, I find I gain more joy out of all things food and home related. I do not need to be master of all but I do feel I need to master a few things. So far I make a mean afternoon punch, a great set of hors d’oeuvres for any party or set of guests, and a good cake or two. Now, these are things I can personally make myself…when it comes to buying and finding great snacks and treats, I am pretty good at that as well (and it is usually my preferred route!).

Anyway, one thing on my list this year is to recreate the fabulous chocolate covered strawberries we enjoyed at the Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. They were not only dipped in chocolate but had a bit of a candy crunch on one side. So delicious!



I know this a very easy thing to make but also suffices as an elegant treat to bring along to special events or to serve to visiting guests. People always tend to be impressed by them, I notice. So, I looked up how to make them online and decided it was something I wanted to add to my master list.

Pretty well all you need to do is melt some chocolate in a bain marie and then dip in the berries…no shocker there! I did this easy enough as I had a lot of left over chocolate from some other baking attempt but next time will use martini picks when it comes to the dipping as it is easier to get more chocolate coverage when dipping in this manner (and it is way less messy!).

I also bought some toffee crunch candy and dipped the wet chocolate covered berries in on one side so some of the toffee would stick. When the whole thing dried, it added some extra zing and crunch. I chilled the berries for an hour or so and presented a few to my husband as a test. He was amazed they were just like the professional ones. I also shared a few with some family that happened to come by and they loved them! I am thinking that since another thing on my list this year it is to show appreciation for my staff (and treat them well) I ought to make a batch for our next staff meeting. I think that will bring on some much needed cheer!


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