Computer is dying…


compjumpMy computer has slowly been dying. I purchased it January 2010. It was on sale but shiny and new and had Windows 7. It is a Sony-a brand I have always trusted. Over the years I created many resumes on it, searched for many flights on it, completed projects, heard lots of music, downloaded games, talked to others over Skype when overseas, watched ridiculous amounts of tv and movies, and uploaded countless photographs and videos.

I took it to Georgia early on where something strange happened and after I managed to explain to staff in a computer store the thing happened during updates he did something to fix it but it operated with a Russian language default I could not change. Then, at Christmas when I was back home, I took it again to the store and they rid of the Russian. I dragged it to Egypt, New York,  Toronto, Turkey, Germany, Azerbaijan, the UK, across various states, Mexico, and to Canada in a backpack or one of my over sized shoulder bags. It was hardy.


laptopLast year the battery died. The stores all said do not carry the battery anymore and recommended that I order directly from Sony. This would have been a priority if my brother in law did not make me aware if I took off the battery pack and plugged it in, it would still work. I experienced joy when I discovered it was true. Then slowly the power cord started to have issues and the computer would lose all power and shut down unless the cord was in just such a position. I adapted. I learned to position everything in just such a way… and no one was allowed to move around us without getting the death stare!

Now, over the last few months I keep getting an error message when I start up about the user profile or this or that. I did some research and watched a few You Tube videos and managed to repair these things. Then, it happened again… and again. It is a huge hassle and sends me into a panic. I am going to lose years of photos and videos! Why did I not get an external hard drive, I keep asking myself each time but still do not do it!!!

animals-dog-pet-computer-laptop-deleting-trhn169lThis last time I have not been able to fix it so easily. I have realized it may be time for a new computer (even though I hate that new Windows!) and I have logged in through Safe Mode and by going through the USERS list, I have been able to locate and start withdrawing my files and saving them on my husband’s computer. I am using his computer to type all this, by the way. Once the photos are all safe, I will attempt to fix the computer one last time but may lose everything so the use of the computer will be very different even if I manage to fix all this. After all, I will not be able to trust saving anything as the computer could stop at any time.

Four years and 5 months. Is this a long life for a laptop? I like to think so-and I hope it still has some time left. Once it is gone entirely, it will be missed.


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