2 parties down…


This weekend I had two very different parties. One was my birthday party that my husband put together…and was late to! The other was an afternoon bridal shower. Other than an upcoming birthday dinner I have to attend for my brother…I am done with all birthdays and bridal showers for a long time! At least, I hope so!

Parties should be fun and not a bucket of stress like these two were (in their own ways). Let me start with the bridal shower. This particular bride is not really a close friend but someone I work with. People who you work with are not your friends and this was apparent at this party. Conversations were awkward all over the place so I mostly just kept quiet, listened, drank the punch, and ate cake. I really do not have much in common with the others so I tend to avoid all the work social stuff but really felt I had to go to this one since I was personally asked if I was free.

We all had to write down some advice for the bride so I stole a line my brother in law has said and passed it on. This line is, “Those who play together, stay together!” So lame but I could not bring myself to write a poem about love like some others did. The bride opened the gift we all pitched in for, seemed to like it, and we stuffed ourselves on our potluck dishes (mine I ended up ordering from a Mexican restaurant and picking up). The stress came in from dragging myself up out of bed in time in the morning after my own party, trying to look normal and not hungover, trying and failing to make an appetizer to bring along, and hurrying to be on time and find the location of the host’s home…and then get out of there first without seeming like a downer.

The other party was at an Italian restaurant and for me. Unfortunately, starting Friday, we had all kinds of cancellations which went from annoying to amusing…is everyone sick of me and coming up with all kinds of creative excuses or is the real thing? In the end, we still had a decent group and had a nice time but there were confusions with seating and reservations, meal orders, bills, etc. My husband was late…so my sister, friend, and I sat alone at a giant table set out for a huge group until the other guests arrived…and my husband rolled in dead last…but bearing gifts which he had clearly been running around finding at the last minute and when all shops were closed! Luckily the gift was still thoughtful meaning he had planned for it and did not just buy me the first available item for the sake of showing up with something. I had a few too many glasses of wine, a shot of something I could not identify, and a ridiculous amount of carbs-but they were delicious carbs. An ice cream cake that may last a month despite serving it to everyone is now clogging up our freezer. Am sure we can chip away at it though!

Although it was nice, next year, I am looking forward to something a little more casual.


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