Birthday week debrief…


I am 32 now! My blog website address still says I am 30 now but this week I turned 32 (and obviously did not put much thought into what the blog address would be when I created it-oh well, not much I can do now!). Anyway, I have been feeling exhausted since coming back from Vegas! Additionally so due to the fact my big work event for 300 took place this week so I have not been very birthday focused. In fact, on the actual day, I just took it easy and watched reality tv shows after a  full day of work meetings. It felt great to just relax alone. My husband had to work that evening.

Fabulous husband did not disappoint, however, with his bouquet of red roses and chocolate…and a “not so surprise” party that he has planned for me for this weekend. This is perfect as I have been in no mood to celebrate-but I will be by tomorrow! My big work event that I coordinated with staff support also went very well which is a relief-my boss was actually impressed-which felt great since she has been the expert for this event for the last 5 years or so. Now, I will not have to worry about it until next year!

I generally let the house fall apart this week as well…and we ate out or ordered in but today I have tidied everything up again and managed to cook dinner…and I feel so much better. I cannot stand a house that has been let go too long or too many take out meals in a row!

Am feeling back on top now and back to myself. Looking forward to what 32 has to offer!


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