Herding cats…

Hopefully a well organized exciting luncheon will help with my herding!

Hopefully a well organized exciting luncheon will help with my herding!

Argh! Sometimes some of my friends can be such divas! I have been trying to get a group of my lady friends together for some time and it has been like herding cats. One, since she got married a few years ago, has been impossible to see as she seems overwhelmed with family events. Once when asked if she can meet up with the group soon, she claimed she needed at least 2 months. Really? Another had a child last year and, since then, never leaves her house. I understand everything is much more challenging with a child but I am starting to worry! The third is happy to meet on Sundays only- or when her husband has other plans with his own friends. Between all three of these schedules, it has been impossible to get together as a group and really catch up this last year.

Thus, I have been emailing, texting, or calling to keep in touch with the first one. The second one insists anyone who wants to see her comes over to her home. Once there, it is all about baby-and since she lives in an extended family household it is also impossible to really have honest open conversations. The last one I have managed to meet with and catch up with and this has been great. However, just today when we got together for a coffee, she announced her pregnancy! I warned her she better not be like friend number two and confine herself to her home. She promised. I am very excited for this third friend. She has always wanted a child.

Before everything changes even further, she and I decided that we would put together a Sunday ladies luncheon (with heaps of advance notice so all will attend) so we can all properly catch up with each other. One of the things on my list this year was to host an event so here we have it-a perfect opportunity! I will have to make it a grand affair in order to get the attention of these gals!


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