A few days to Vegas…



Very soon…we are off to Vegas! Am super excited since I feel like I have been waiting for this holiday forever and forever. We have also saved a whopping $500 extra in the rainy day fund electronic coin jar for this trip (although I admit once we had a destination picked out, it seemed to motivate the saving much more). This is straight up birthday cash I can do anything with…and I do not plan on wasting it gambling (well, maybe some of it).

Our hotel pool we plan to relax in!

Our hotel pool-the Garden of the Gods at Caesar’s Palace- that we plan to relax in! At least for the 1st half of the trip.

In preparation for this excursion, I have already dusted off our suitcase, shaved above the knee (!), and gotten a fabulous new haircut. A short fresh bob will be just the thing in the super dry desert. Currently, as a I type this, there is an excessive heat warning going on there. At 9pm local time it was still 39 degrees. Yikes!

The one buffet we hear we must check out!

The one buffet we hear we must check out! Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan where we are staying the 2nd half of the trip

Vegas can be a strange place. Today, it came up twice on the news and caught my attention since we will be there this week. First, there was a strange shooting spree a couple went on just today, killing three people including 2 police officers, before turning the gun on themselves. Horrible! Hopefully, an isolated incident. Also today, a young lady from Vegas is officially crowned Ms. USA 2014.

Regardless of all the madness that goes on and the things one can get swept up in, we hope to have a calm trip. It will be more about taking in the sites and sounds and enjoying the food and getting away from our jobs for us rather than getting caught up in the excitement and drama. We may even take in a show. We will see.

Lately, I have enjoyed watching past episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s food-travel shows that feature Vegas and the perspective they take. I agree it must be a hard place to live! I do not think I could do it. However, for a visit (and if not doing anything  horrible, regretful, or soul draining!), it can be a great destination. I am just counting down the few days that remain!


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