June 2014: Things to look forward to…


Yahoo-it will finally be birthday month tomorrow! This month, I have a lot to look forward to.

  • Turning 32! When you are young, you look forward to your birthday. After awhile, not so much! But, going from 31 to 32 is no big deal or milestone which may set off all kinds of emotions so I can definitely say I am looking forward to my special day. I plan to enjoy it with no expectations from anyone.
  • Las Vegas vacation! Definitely looking forward to a break from reality and jumping into the Sin City lifestyle (but without most of the sins!). Other than the obvious excitement of gambling, I look forward to a change of scene, yummy food, opulent hotel rooms, tons of photo ops, bonding with the vacation attendees, time by the pool, and much more.
  • Big work event coming together. Once a year, at least, I am responsible for coordinating one large scale event. Like last year, it will take place in June. I look forward to everything coming together fabulously…and after that, work should be easy street throughout the rest of the slow summer season.
  • Family events. June is full of family events for me. Am sure will enjoy lots of family and friend time.
  • After 2 years of experience, I will post a new and relevant list of 32 focus items for this year.
  • Father’s Day. Always nice to take some time to appreciate Dad. The last few years we have had a challenging and especially rewarding relationship. Nothing like a father!
  • Spending the coin jar money in Vegas and then getting it ready for the next exciting thing. What will the next big ticket item be? We will see!

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