Romance disappointment!

Excited for a yummy chocolate rose...but no dice!

Excited for a yummy chocolate rose…but no dice!

Chocolate is directly associated with romance and love! After all, one of the number one gifts around Valentine’s Day is chocolate! Another symbol of romance, and another popular romantic gift, is red roses.

So, the other day, while I was picking up groceries, I saw an extra long thin Toberlone chocolate box with a rose on it (as pictured). I immediately had to grab it (it was also on sale!) as it would be a cute gift for my husband-who does not like chocolate all that much but LOVES Toblerone. Even the cashier was commenting how she planned to buy a few after work as chocolate roses seem like great and cute gifts.

Seeing the special box, I assumed there would be a yummy chocolate rose inside. I was excited to present it to him a few days later. When the day came, I opened it up and out came….two mini regular Toberlone boxes! No chocolate rose! I was very disappointed at how unromantic the gift has suddenly become!

I showed my husband the box and he agreed it was misleading but still enjoyed the chocolate-we still have a box left for later. Despite my disappointment at the lack of cuteness I was looking forward to, he still appreciated my romantic intentions. I guess, better luck next time!


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