Spring gift: the flu!


Am sick and it sucks! It all started last week with a tickle in my throat. I knew right away I would be ill soon. I tried to do all the preventative things that work for me like drinking echinacea tea but nothing seemed to work-the virus had already taken hold and, of course, by the weekend, I was sick as a dog.

The sore throat was the first thing and that was manageable even if it was uncomfortable at times. Next came a nasty hacking cough which was most difficult to deal with at night as it kept me up. It was also painful when I had excessive coughing in a row. So, I purchased a cough medicine (extra strength!) to help with this. I am not quite sure if ANY cough medicines work but at least I knew I was trying. Now, I am in the runny nose and sneezing stage which really really sucks. This is probably the worst stage as it is sooo disruptive! Unlike my husband, I do not have a cute sneeze! It is loud and horrible. With this particular flu, my whole body shakes and it seems as if I am spewing fluid into my napkin. Just awful. Also, thanks to the runny nose, my nose is sore due to all the tissue contact rubbing such a sensitive area. Someone really needs to invent better tissues! I have already gone through a whole box and dread the next.

Anyway, this is the miserable situation I have been in for the last few days. I tried to make the best of it but ended up spending all weekend here at home watching old movies on TV: Waiting to Exhale, Oceans 11, 12, or 13 (not sure which one but I sure do want to go to Vegas now!), Captain Phillips, and Alice in Wonderland (just horrible, by the way!). I cannot wait until this illness passes. This one better make me stronger and give me immunity to a few other similar flus (or at least elements of them).


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