The truth about having children?

The Truth?

The Truth?

I stole this image off one of my Georgian friend’s Facebook page. Is it true? Is this how women really feel after they have children? In Georgia, and I am sure in many other countries as well, being a mother is very important and many women have told me while I lived there that it is their main purpose in life. They would go on about how great their children are and it did seem a bit like a status thing and none would admit any hardships although I could see them all the time.

Many, including my mother in law, ask when I plan to have children as I have already been married almost 3 years and this is almost unheard of-unless you have some sort of health problem that is affecting your ability to have children.

I always replied I feel it is best to wait until I am in a better financial situation-and once my husband is more settled in this country. They tend to agree in theory but I can also detect some doubt as they were in difficult situations and got through just fine! A child is everything and the earlier the better. I always smiled politely and understood their perspective-after all I am childless and cannot say I know everything but I still feel the way I feel-and think it is the correct path for me. I also got married much later in life (as most westerners do) than they had. Regardless of all the pro-children attitudes I was very amused to see this photo on my friend’s wall and the hundreds of likes and comments it got from other Georgian women who were relating to the tears! Of course, I think they enjoy the humour and do not seriously cry (at least most of them!) but on some level there are some negatives to children-not that will deter me or anyone else in having them! Just some fun thoughts for today.


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