May was charity month…


This month it felt like I did a lot of hustling to benefit others! Choosing a career in the non-profit industry has meant I have had to do all kinds of things beyond my job description (or they would never happen as there was no money to hire anyone else to do them). Due to this, I have picked up all kinds of skills and become a bit of a jack of all trades. These things have actually served me quite well and kept this Gemini with multiple interests entertained and engaged in her workplaces! I definitely need variety and change.

Anyway, each year, I like to take on a few projects or tasks to give back to society. I usually do so outside of work (as I tend to take on and give back a lot at work as is) but this year due to all kinds of cutbacks (thanks government!) and downsizing, I felt a high need within the organization. Thus, I identified a few areas where I could make an impact and jumped in. There was a lot of hustling, calling on personal contacts, and being creative but 2 of the projects successfully raised funds that will help fill some important gaps and one distributed many items to needy families. All of this in one month due to the efforts of one person.

The most frustrating part of taking on a bit more to make a difference is the lack of buy in from other staff members at times. If I can do all that I did in such a short time, I can only imagine what we could accomplish together. But I think, at this particular organization, they are unused to being  creative as they have relied on steady government funding in the past. Now that there have been massive cuts, the organization will need to get a bit more creative. I hope some of these last few campaigns that I pushed through will inspire a few people to think in a new way and be a base upon which they can build when the time comes that they will need to do the hustling! Regardless, I am feeling very good about the things I know have happened due to my direct effort. The only problem is…I tend to want more such challenges that seem to grow bigger and better with each round! I will have to watch out and make sure I do not bite off more than I can chew!


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