A new town…


This past weekend we made an escape and enjoyed hanging out in a new town. The new town was not spectacular or even that interesting but it was great to drive a few hours away and get a change of scene, try new restaurants, and just get outta our town! We had been planning an escape (to anywhere!) for the last few months but something would always come up. Now, we have had our break and are back home refreshed.

Our hotel was lovely-with a beautiful pool!-and the weather was cooperative. We spent most of our time lounging around the resort. In the evening we enjoyed live music one night and watched an excellent movie from the hotel pay as you go system the next. On the last morning we enjoyed a great big breakfast (best brunch menu ever!) and piled into the car and drove home. A perfect change of pace. Now, we have Las Vegas to look forward to in just over 3 weeks. I could get used to this life!


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