Lesson learnt (I hope!)…

This does not describe me but I sure do know some people who need to read it! Hilarious.

This does not describe me but I sure do know some people who need to read it! Hilarious.

I had another great weekend! Not only did I take care of all my errands (and do a bit of in depth spring cleaning-a clean house feels great) but I had a great time hanging out with my husband and family in the weekend sunshine! As I predicted, there was some tension and conflict-but it was not mine! It did put a damper on things for a few hours but dissipated as the culprit decided to deal with things and not be a baby. Our Mother’s Day was great-my mother loved having all her kids home again and it was great for us to just all be together as adults. Spending quality time with family is always healing and soothing for me-even with the drama. The weekend ended and I felt very happy. I felt at peace with my husband and our marriage and future, my tense relationship with one of my sisters, and just my whole world in general. Things were looking good (and it was not just the champagne we were drinking!).

Too funny!

Too funny!

However, it was a struggle to go to work today and when I did get there, it was a struggle to stay focussed or be motivated to work. I wanted an extra day off! I bumbled through the day, left early, and came home to hubby where I delighted in his company. Some days just feel SOO right with him and we are over the moon in love… I am thankful for the odd way we came across each other…but, then, we had a bit of a spat (!) about something silly…and fixed it again within 2 hours. The spat was unnecessary and my fault-but it put a damper on things for awhile. I wasted 2 hours just like my one family member wasted half a day of a glorious weekend.

It is very important, in marriage and with families, to choose your battles and not get easily upset over everything or you will be miserable. Sometimes the perfectionist in me comes out (not often but sometimes) and takes control. This is what caused a bit of unpleasantness today. Not a big deal but I am writing about this so I remember for next time to CHILL OUT and not need to be on top of everything all the time…the world won’t fall apart. Just a gentle reminder to avoid tainting good days and good times which I noticed happened twice this past weekend-one time with others as the culprits and one time myself. May it happen no more!


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