Viva Las Vegas!

Our hotel room view the last time we went to Sin City!

Our hotel room view the last time we went to Sin City!

Viva Las Vegas! My husband had a great idea for my birthday (and a way in which we can really enjoy our coin jar money). He suggested we do a short trip to Las Vegas to celebrate in style! I thought it was a great idea. Although we have been to Vegas before together (about 2 years ago) during a general road trip, we did not end up having the best time due to a few things that were going on in our lives at the time. So this time, to ensure a fabulous trip, I connected with my sister-who is a bit of a Vegas VIP (at least for regular people standards!) and she immediately wanted to come along as well as connect us with all her fabulous Vegas “special deals.” Unfortunately, due to work events, I cannot be there on my actual birthday but it will be close enough.

So far, we already managed to find a cheap flight (which is not too hard since there are sooo many going in and out) and we scored free accommodation for the whole duration of the trip. We do have to do a hotel switch half way through but it is worth it considering the particular rooms we are staying in are up to $500 per night (for the weekends, that is, and cheaper during the week). One catch is that for the first 2 nights at one of the hotels we have to pay resort fees of $25 per day plus tax but this gives us free internet (which last time we had to pay $20 a day for anyways at a different hotel!) and entry into the spa daily-not too bad! The other hotel is completely complimentary-how great is that! We will save hundreds of dollars on accommodation and still get to stay at the best hotels thanks to my sister BUT I will have to keep an eye on my husband to make sure we don’t spend those hundreds of dollars in the casinos of these hotels!!

My husband can get a bit carried away with gambling as can my sister (!) and even though I am a huge fan of blackjack, I do know how to walk away and will do this-something that these 2 have trouble with. I know I am ‘up’ in the big picture of my gambling history but I cannot say the same for them-which is not where I want them to be. I plan to force them both to do lots of other activities so this feels like a vacation getaway and not just a gambling bonanza-which we could do in our own city at any time. I want them to walk away from the trip feeling great-not depressed! So, I plan to spend some nice time at the pools or spas with them, enjoy some of the restaurants, and maybe catch a show. The clubs I cannot stand-even with a VIP booth and bottle service (expensive but worth it in some ways-especially if you hate crowds). Not my scene, but, since we also have friends flying in to join us who may want to ‘party’, I may have to suck it up and go. We will see! Am looking very very forward to this trip. If nothing else, will feel like a true getaway and change of pace-just what one needs when turning 32!!


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