Filling the nest…


Sunday is Mother’s Day! My mom is not the type who enjoys meals out so my sibs and I are not going to even try to drag her out for brunch, lunch, or dinner. In fact, we are planning a stay at home session at her place. Since my sibs and I are all adults and live away (though not necessarily THAT far), we are all coming home for the weekend so her empty nest is full again. I know my mother just loves this! Even my sister who lives in Florida is flying in tomorrow (am super excited!).

mothersdaycardWe plan to fill up the house with love, laughter, and probably a few fights and arguments! Ha ha ha. Of course, we have all bought her our individual gifts as Mother’s Day tokens and we will arrange a nice meal at home with a special cake. My husband and I along with one of my sisters bought her a gift card for a few massages at a special spa. Which mother could not use that?

Today, at work, I had several conversations with ladies about their weekend plans. Most have already participated in a Mother’s Day tea at their children’s school or have something planned for their own mothers. I am not a mother but definitely enjoyed speaking to some of the more reserved ladies and the issues they have with some of their kids-from teens who have started dating to children having ‘accidents’ at school to all the excitement around newly born babies. Motherhood is definitely special and although I am in no rush, I know it is something to look forward to for myself one day. But, for now, will focus on my own dear mother and the fun upcoming weekend!


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