¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


cinco¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Yahoo-it is Cinco de Mayo! Unfortunately, it is also a Monday. Due to this, we decided to get an early start by celebrating on the weekend rather than today. Yesterday, my husband and I shopped for a decent tequila began test making (and tasting!) all kinds of different margaritas. Strawberry will always be my favourite even though the others come close at times.

Then, my husband cleared out so me and a few gal pals could watch a margarita infused Real Housewives marathon. By 12am, after we gossiped about our own lives and judged all the tv characters, we made a last toast to Cinco de Mayo and all had to go home so we all could work today.

Our little party had nothing to do with the real Cinco de Mayo but this holiday seems to be increasingly celebrated in North America by non-Mexicans in non-Mexican ways! In fact, it is not even a national holiday in Mexico. The rest of us do tend to use it highlight and celebrate Mexican cuisine, music, culture, food, and drink. This, if you ask me, is always a good thing…as is all the left over tequila and strawberries that I can use for another few margaritas tonight. On my way to the blender now!


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