May 2014: Things to look forward to…


May is here which means summer is just around the corner. This month I have many things to look forward to. These include:

-Mini-trip! Yes, this has been on my list for the last 2 months and did not happen but this time it is for real and we have already booked a little resort getaway for the May 17-18th weekend. So, I look forward to this guaranteed time relaxing.

-Coin jar madness-since my birthday is coming up in June, I am enjoying keeping an eye on the increasing funds in our coin jar (which also means coming up with fun ideas as to how to spend!!).

-Spanish language progress and CINCO DE MAYO! My Learn Spanish in Your Car CD  arrived last week and I have picked up all kinds of phrases. However, for me it is more effective to learn through the online lessons which I am still plugging away at. I look forward to see how much progress I have made by the end of May. Also, in honour of Cinco de Mayo, I plan to invite the girls out for margaritas!

-The good weather! It felt like a long winter and am sure May will offer more consistent beautiful days which makes me a much happier person.

-Work projects launched. This month, after months of prep work, I will finally get to see many of the projects I have been supporting roll out and take off. Very exciting!

-Long weekend! No need to say more other than a day off with pay.

-Charity month-this month am working on a few charitable initiatives: a fundraiser and clothing drive. I look forward to seeing others benefit from my efforts.

-Mother’s Day-always nice to spoil mom and spend some quality time with her.


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