My new favourite meal…

Sangria-the perfect lunch drink!

Sangria-the perfect lunch drink!

I always thought I was a a dinner girl! However, this past weekend, I realized my favourite meal when going out is lunch. On nice sunny days, there is nothing better than spending a few hours over good food with good company on a pleasant patio-and afterwards you still have time to do other things and burn off some of the food! An afternoon cocktail or two also makes the rest of the afternoon very relaxing! At least, this is what I experienced twice this past weekend.

Spring river in the forest.

Spring river in the forest.

The first time was with my husband on a special ‘date’ lunch and the second was when I took my sister out for her birthday (I took Monday off so had a nice long weekend!). I have to say, I have not enjoyed such nice lunches out in a long time!

The other part of the ‘date weekend’ with my husband was a hike in a beautiful ancient forest-where we brought along a picnic lunch (just as nice as the patio but I have to say I prefer piping hot food). The spring melt made the river roar and it was a beautiful setting. I felt totally relaxed. All in all-3 great lunches this weekend which has made lunch my new favourite meal! May there be many more great ones this year.


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