I shopped…


I did it! The dreaded item on my list of 31 things has been accomplished! I have shopped.

clothesNot only did I, since June, manage to purchase my required 10 items of new clothing so I can have a better work wardrobe but I exceeded 10 items. This, for me, is a miracle considering last year my goal was 5 and I could not reach it! I just hate shopping. However, I took advantage of the long Easter weekend to make a few drives out to some of my favourite shops in the area. The result was success. I managed to buy at least 3 different pairs of trousers (although I admit 2 are the same one in different colours), a bunch of great shirts, new shoes, a cute scarf, and some updated undergarments (which I am very excited about as I have not bought new ones for at least 3 years-and I did it the proper way which entailed, much to my husband’s amusement, getting re-measured and re-sized by the lady clerk to ensure the best result! And I am very satisfied with the result. What a difference the right garment can make!).

Before this shopping spree, I also made sure to go through my closet and withdraw all the clothing I know I have not been wearing. Most of the items were old and very out of style, the wrong size, or just items that I could no longer relate to. I packed them all up and donated them to a local charity as they were still in perfectly good condition. I plan to do more frequent rounds of review (next time including my husband’s clothes!) so I can keep things fresh. I do not want to be one of those constant consumers buying trends and disposing of them but I do tend to hang on to (and wear) clothes for years too long. Looking at some of my Facebook albums I noticed that I am still wearing the same clothes I wore 5-6 years ago to Ireland or 3 years ago in Egypt etc and that alarmed me. Of course, I do believe I should hold on to a few quality classic pieces here and there but these should be the exception and not the rule. Now, let’s see how that goes considering I usually have to force myself to shop-but the first step is to have the right intention!


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