Personal debts: PAID!


paid1Woot woot! I’m free of all personal debts to others! What a huge relief! The reason we accumulated this extra debt was because we had to borrow a certain sum to speed up sending my husband’s family’s car oversees-not because we make a habit of it. The car had arrived awhile back but the debt was still there and we had been chipping away at it while dealing with other costs since January. Now, it is finally gone-thank goodness! Not that my debtor (family member) was harassing me but no one likes to owe others money-especially family.

Now that all of that is over, my husband and I can focus on our other financial goals like paying off the remaining loan on my car and eliminating the line of credit debt we are still carrying that we accumulated getting married overseas, dealing with immigration costs, and when my husband was new to the country and still trying to find a decent job and adjust. Hopefully by the end of the year we will be in much better shape than we ever have been in our marriage! I am looking forward as it has been a rather stagnant two years in which it felt like one problem was solved and two more arose! Am hoping for progress at last! After all, I have had it on my list of goals and to-dos for the past 2 years without much success.

Also, since this post is about debts and money, I am also happy to report that our good old coin jar is in operation again and we finally decided what we are saving for! The prize will be a special birthday experience in June-FOR ME! Aren’t I lucky? I will have to think of a plan before then, of course! There you have it-another thing to add to my things to look forward to list.


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