Latest reads…


book2So far in 2014, I have not been reading as much as I usually do for some reason. In fact, my last list of recently read books was in December and since then I only have the 5 titles below that made my way through. One would think I would read more in the winter but it seems to be that summer is my peak. I think it is all the good weather that I like to laze about in. Nothing like sitting outside, under a tree, getting lost in a book. I also take more time off in the summer which gives me more time to while away in a book. Anyway, here is what I have managed to read this first third of the year so far:

Sweet Jiminy by Kristin Gore-This easy to read book revolves around a small town that has a dark past. A burnt out and confused law student moves back to the small town and delves into the past stirring up racial tensions and drama. An old mystery is solved.

onebookThe Zigzag Way-by Anita Desai-This books takes place primarily in Mexico around the special Day of the Dead. It is about an American fellow who goes to Mexico, due to his girlfriend’s work there, only to learn that his grandfather from England once lived in the country, working the mines, and that his father was born there. He attempts to reconnect with his past. I found this novel (though perhaps not the most interesting plot) very engaging. The style of writing was clear and simple and had a way of drawing me in. Perhaps not the best story in this novella but a talented writer indeed…and the mother of the writer I mention in the following paragraph! I will try to find more of her books…this writing with the right plot could lead to perfection.

Silent House by Orhan Pamuk-I always think of Turkey as an interesting place and this novel gives a look into an earlier Turkey. This novel was translated from Turkish to English and is written by a Nobel Prize winning author (who is in a relationship with Kiran Desai-the Indian author! Two famous renowned writers-must be interesting in their home!!!). The style and content was interesting and engaging. The plot revolves around a complicated family. There is drama, unrequited love, family troubles, alcohol abuse, a bad marriage, politics and more…

The Calligrapher’s Daughter by Eugenia Kim-An interesting novel spanning the life of a young woman in Korea during a turbulent time. Much of the book deals with her waiting to hear from her missing husband. I learned many interesting things about Korean culture from reading this novel which is always a plus as well as what life was like during Japanese occupation. I also never paid much attention to Korea’s history and this novel helped bring it to life.

The House of Impossible Loves by Christina Lopez Barrio-This book is hard not to enjoy as it is about a line of cursed women. The plot follows a few generations of a family (in Spain) and their trials, tribulations, and relationships with each other. I find many Spanish or Latin American books have a bit of a supernatural element and do rather enjoy this. I would recommend this one-easy to read and hard to put down.


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