Relationship storm

Is it true? I would say yes...unless the absence is too long!

Is it true? I would say yes…unless the absence is too long!

In February I wrote a post about how great my husband is. Well…this last weekend it was quite the opposite and we were at each other’s throats all weekend. Everything he did drove me crazy and it must have been the same for him as he snapped at me at every chance. This is never good. We even had a date night we just decided to cancel. After all, we knew we would not be enjoying one another’s company that night. Luckily, the storm seems to have passed and all is back to normal today. Not sure why (or why it started) but it is. Thank goodness.

I do not like any relationship storms as they remind me of our very difficult first year of marriage. Most of the problems were stemming from the huge change my husband underwent by moving countries to be with me and there was no way around the issues other than to limp painfully through them together. It was not fun but we are on the other side now and stronger than ever-thank goodness! I feel relieved. However, I feel terrible for a friend (the one I wrote about last March who was getting married) who is going through a level 5 hurricane of sorts with her spouse. I am not sure how they will survive it based on what I have heard so far. Both have to be willing to make efforts and let things go and not sure this will happen or not.

Of course, all couples fight and have stormy periods and all have the potential to pull through. No one can annoy you more than a spouse at times and I think this is totally normal. After all, is there anyone you spend more time around at all hours of the day and night-at your best and worst? Is there anyone else who has more potential to hurt you where it counts? I think it is very important to ensure each has his or her time alone every here and there. That way, you can miss and appreciate your partner-along with all the annoying things they do.


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