April 2014: Things to look forward to…


April is here! Even though it is only the 3rd day, it has felt pretty hectic already this month. However, as usual, I do have some nice things to look forward to this month which is what helps to keep me going.

  • Easter! Chocolates and an extra long weekend…what more do I need to say?
  • Elimination of a last debt to an individual (bank loans etc not included)-no one likes to owe money to another and this month I will be free of my last debt that we have been chipping away at. After this, time to attack the car payments and finish up sooner than expected-but that will be something to look forward to a bit later.
  • A fancy haircut. I plan to do something very different with my hair this month. A change is definitely in order.
  • More outdoor time. Spring is here and it is time to spend more time outside.
  • A quick getaway as we did not have time in March! This is definitely in order and will be well deserved.

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