Historical movies…


Like most people, I love movies! Not just horror movies as my A Few Scary Movies post (with a list of great creepy movies) seems to indicate but I love movies that take place in past times. Since I always write about most of the books I read, I figured I should also write an occasional post about some of the movies I have watched. I admit, most of them I watch on my home tv which is connected to the computer. This way almost everything is available anytime. Even though I have watched all kinds of movies over the last few months, in this post I only want to share some of the historical movies that I came across as I tend to enjoy them the most.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas-This movie caught me on a rather glum day and I will admit I could not hold back the tears despite being able to guess a bit early on what would happen in the movie! Very well done, visually pleasing, and moving although many reviews indicate many people did not agree or appreciate this film. You cannot please everyone but I think it is more than worth the watch.

The White Countess-This movie takes place in Shanghai in 1936. It is about a blind American diplomat who eventually opens up a bar in town. Another character is a Russian widowed refugee, and countess, who supports her extended family by working in a bar. She meets the diplomat and goes to work for him. Gradually, they get to know each other better until the day comes that the Japanese invade. Not the best movie-I thought it would be better-but worth a watch on a lonely day.

A Royal Affair-This movie is in a few languages but subtitled in English. It takes place in Denmark and is about King Christian the 7th, who was mentally ill, and his British wife, Caroline Mathilde-and the king’s doctor who eventually gains quite a bit of influence over him, has an affair with the queen, makes big changes, and then is eventually arrested, charged, and executed. I really enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend it.

The Heart in Me-This is a short film that involves two sisters and the man that is married to one of them but loves the other! What more can I say? You know these situations never end well! It takes place in London in the last 1930’s.

The Book Thief-The narrator in this movie is Death with a capital D. The film is set in Germany during WWII and revolves around a young girl who is adopted by a German couple. As she grows up in a tough time, many relationships are explored with various characters-including a neighbourhood friend and a young Jewish man the family hides in their basement. I thought the film was well done and found it visually pleasing. It may gloss a bit over a dark time but I enjoyed every minute of it-especially the attempts at German accents that came and went.

Winnie-This movie is based on the life of Winnie Mandela. I found it very interesting to learn about the spouse of someone so respected in the world. Prior to this, I did not know anything about her other than the couple separated after his release from jail due to her infidelity.

The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond-This film is based on a Tennessee Williams screenplay. I did not love this film. The characters were annoying and the plot was a bit irritating. It sounded like it would be good and the visuals seemed appealing but… bottom line, not one I would recommend (unless I wanted to torture the other person!).



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