I heart weekends…


heartweekendThe weekend was so nice. I enjoyed sleeping in and cuddling with my husband on Saturday morning followed by a nice few hours in the afternoon chatting with an old friend in one of our favourite cafes over a latte while it poured rain all day. Conversations with gal-pals always fill my soul up with something great. I need to do a better job of seeing them more! In the evening I baked a delicious banana cheesecake (that even my dessert-hating husband liked!). This deserves a separate post…banana cheesecake is amazing. Who knew? We watched scary movies into the wee hours of the night- films about creepy families with deep dark secrets and modern hauntings taking place in the desert.

Sunday the sun came out again and I enjoyed every minute-breathing in SPRING. I went for one walk with my sister and one just on my own later in the day. I took care of errands such as vacuuming, dishes, recycling, laundry, and grocery shopping for the week in the middle of the day. I took a short nap in the evening and at night my sister invited my mother,  husband, and I to watch the movie POMPEII in 3D at a local theater she won tickets to. Not too bad despite the Hollywood over the top-ness (but what do you expect in a 3D film?). It was my mother’s first 3D film. That alone was very entertaining.

Now, it is Monday and I did not hear back from the dream job. Boo! Blah! But, at least there is left over cheesecake.


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