Am feeling so forlorn and gloomy today… As I have mentioned many times, I love my job and, despite lots of changes going on, I see myself being quite happy at it for a year or two more. However, last Sunday, I came across a job posting quite by chance that had me very very very excited. Definitely a job I would consider one of my dream jobs. I had to apply-even though it would be a bit of a jump up and I would be lucky to get it-but based on my past work experience I knew I had a shot. It is in my field and I have very transferable skills. The position is for a 6 month contract that starts April and involves an international move. I would have to give up my secure job for it-and I would in a heartbeat!!! After all, it will boost me to my next level and get me closer to the type of work I aspire to do. I felt my chances were increased as not as many people would be up and ready to move internationally (especially to a developing chaotic nation) that easily and so soon and, second, the short term nature of the position would deter others. So, I touched up my resume and off it went for the closing date of last Tuesday.

By Wednesday morning I had received an email from the HR staff that my CV had been received despite the clear disclaimer that they would not be acknowledging anyone. So, I wondered… did this mean the HR staff were impressed and considering me for a possible interview or did they actually just politely acknowledge all applicants. All of Thursday and all Friday I checked my email anxiously every few hours until I knew business hours on the east coast had come to an end. Nothing. I have been consumed with trying to analyze the situation. If they want the position filled in April…would they not rush to interview after the closing date? Or, are they the kind of organization that has no problem taking it slow and the contract will just be shorter in the end? Or, have I been written off as a potential candidate? Naturally, I can hardly email the HR staff and inquire if the position has been filled since it has only been two days since it closed. Even if they did interview others, they would need longer than that! So, here I have been… in limbo. The worst. If I do not hear from them on Monday, I will assume it did not work out for me and I will have to muster up my natural enthusiasm about my current job again. It has been out shined by this fabulous new opportunity for now but I know it is still in me somewhere. Got to keep in mind how wonderful it is to have a great job…especially when so many others are struggling to find decent employment.


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