I AM the younger boss!


youngI heard a rumour at work about myself-well, sort of about myself. This is always an interesting thing, isn’t it? Well, it was not so bad, I suppose, and I think reflects poorly on the other individuals rather than on myself. Apparently, there are at least two or three individuals at our organization who commented to other staff members that I supervise that they would not be able to stand having me as their direct manager. Why? Because I am younger than them! Really?! I was so surprised.

yiu2Is this something that still matters today? I suppose it could be an issue to some people from older generations but I think most others can deal with it and understand it is not about age but ability.  Personally, I have not yet had a younger boss so perhaps I would be resentful too. I guess you never know until you are in that situation. I did a quick Google search and hundreds of articles came up about dealing with younger bosses or struggling with older employees. Stats showed that more and more bosses are younger than those they supervise. This has been creating interesting dynamics.

I suppose I am bit surprised by these comments as well since I generally had great feedback and many staff members have expressed they would like to me remain their manager or have asked if they can switch to be under me. Now, this does not mean I am the easy boss-but I think I am easy to deal with. Of course, this has nothing to do with age but is more about personality and leadership style. I would think the complaining individuals would be more interested in that than my age. Anyway, no need to worry about such things, I suppose, as it is their problem and not mine!!! I AM a young boss-so what?


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