The March 13th 2014 post…


Today was a beautiful spring day-finally! I spent a nice chunk of it outside and could not help but be a bit jealous of my sister in Florida. We had a Skype chat and she took the laptop outside so we could have a brief chat in between watching her two sweet kids show me how they skateboard and ride bikes around their driveway and street. The weather looked amazing there.

But, even better, was the simple family life that they were enjoying just then. It was great to see my sister so content and happy this way. She has generally been a lucky lady but did have a few rough years and it took this second marriage and two cute kids to get her back on track. It was scary for awhile. Ha ha ha. Now, each time we talk, I am glad to see how happy she is. I look forward to heading down there for a visit at some point.

In other news and speaking of family, I forgot to write that our container finally arrived in Georgia! My husband’s family were thrilled to receive all their fabulous gifts and new car. They have not stopped raving about the car since. It was great to see how happy they were and very great for me to see how happy my husband was to do such a wonderful thing for his family. It is something he never would have been able to do if we had stayed there (when we first got together he was hoping we would both settle there!). I am pretty sure it was one of his dreams to be able to buy a nice car for his father one day. Well, at least one dream can be checked off his list! The only downside is that we had sent a lot of winter items and now it is pretty much spring. I guess they will have to hold on to some of them until next year. Despite that, I am sure it must have still felt like Christmas morning!


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