My Int Women’s Day and watching Ukraine…


Saturday was International Women’s Day! My husband took me out for a lunch but I spent most of the day hanging out and watching tv or reading news online. I love online news. The holiday (or special day rather) is supposed to be political and focus us all back on the accomplishments of women. In former Soviet states it is still widely celebrated and is an official holiday (which I thought was great when I was there). In my husband’s country, most people buy flowers for all the special women in their lives and take a moment to celebrate them (usually through a special feast in the evening with many toasts dedicated to them!)…the political flavour from the Soviet times has more or less faded, though. However, despite it not being an official holiday in some western countries, that focus on gender inequality and the accomplishments of women is still a main goal which I think is very important.

Speaking of political flavour, I have been carefully following the situation in Ukraine and Russia and am very disturbed. I cannot see how the situation will ever end well no matter what happens. I am particularly interested as the situation has many parallels to the situation that occurred with Russia & Georgia in 2008. The former president of Georgia had an interview on CNN in which he said he felt that the world let Russia get away with occupying a few Georgian territories in 2008 and now since Putin was barely slapped on the wrist, he is back at it and going after Crimea. Anyone who leans towards Europe and rejects Russia is getting it, according to him! Other panelists agreed with him. Regardless of all the differing opinions in the world, I am watching the situation carefully as it will be important to see how the world reacts and if there will be any impacts on my husband’s country.


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