Daylight savings on Sunday

Although not used by the majority of the world's countries, daylight saving time is common in the Western world.   DST is used.   DST is no longer used.   DST has never been used.

Blue Countries-DST is used.
Orange Countries-DST is no longer used.
Red Countries-DST has never been used.

Oh no! Daylight savings will take place this Sunday. The clocks will move forward an hour and I will have one hour less of sleep. Not good. Ever. As I get older, I definitely value my sleep more and do not like these daylight savings disruptions…although the November one is not so bad.

Most countries do not bother with it-and it is strange that some US states do not do it but some do…so the time difference between Arizona and New York may vary depending on the month? And those time zones they show on the maps are all dependent on the month as well? Thank goodness for Google…as you can now just check the time anywhere that way and sort the difference yourself. Less confusing!

Anyway, for some reason, my spirits have been a bit low for the last few days which has not been fun. Am hoping they will pick up again at the weekend and next week will be better.


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