My husband is so great…

Not our situation (yet) but still funny!

Not our situation (yet) but still funny!

My husband is so great sometimes! These are the things he did just this last week to make my life better:

  • Took a needle and thread and sewed up a tear in one of my favourite sweaters; I had not been wearing it as I was too lazy to deal with it! After it was repaired, I finally got to wear it to work one day.
  • Surprised me with the gift of a funky new scarf one evening! I have been getting a lot of compliments on it (and I had told him I wanted to buy a new one soon).
  • He vacuumed the whole house (even under the bed, fridge, stove etc) and sorted through all the items that have been piling up in some place-and created more space.
  • Went with me to the vineyard (and was into it enough that he not only encouraged me to purchase the wine I liked BUT insisted on buying his own-ha ha ha no shoulder shrugging I don’t care and am here against my will attitude!)
  • Picked up a veggie pizza for me on his way home when I had a major headache and was in no mood to cook (and had been starving for hours in an attempt to avoid cooking)
  • Called me on his ‘boys night out’ to check in and let me know what he was up to-which also gave me a chance to fit in all my Real Housewives episodes
  • Snuggled and cuddled me every night!

There is definitely an up side to having a husband-at times 🙂 Now, if only he would empty the bin within a reasonable amount of time of being asked-but I guess that is pushing it.


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