March 2014: Things to look forward to…


This month I am looking forward to doing my taxes! I know it sounds strange but I get a strange sense of accomplishment from this-which is why I tend to do it early rather than waiting for April. Getting a tax return is also pretty great. Tends to feel like bonus money. In keeping with my Things to look forward to posts, other things I have to look forward to this month are the following:

  • Contract wrapping up at work! So, I may actually be given a new one and stay on (very likely and hopefully with a pay increase) or need to move on to a new job (which always ends up being a good thing after all)
  • Our container has finally moved out of Istanbul now that the Sochi Olympics are over and done with (as I expected!) so the family should be getting their goods soon! In fact, the ship is already in port and just needs to be unloaded and the cargo processed. They are very excited and this will be a highlight for us as we spent a lot of time and energy making this shipment happen.
  • International Women’s Day on the 8th. This day is not such a big deal here but in my husband’s country, every man makes sure to show his wife she is special. We will see if my husband keeps up the tradition! I know he did when we lived there!
  • Mini-trip! My husband and I are planning a little getaway this month-just a weekend away for a change of scene and some romance.
  • Mommy’s birthday. My lovely mother celebrates her birthday this month. I look forward to some quality time with her.
  • Making progress with my finances. Have been chipping away at debt and problems and am finally seeing results.
  • The return of the coin jar! We will be saving again in this way as we found it an easy way to have some bonus money at a later date. What the bonus will be is not decided but it is only March 1 and we had a heap of coins and small bills to throw in right away.

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