Snow day!


snow2This morning I am cuddled up in bed and planning to stay this way all day despite it being Monday. Why? I am taking a snow day! Outside the snow has been coming down for the last few days and building up. Because we live in the country, the roads nearby are the last priority and are never cleaned up (the rain usually starts in and clears it all up shortly after the snow starts anyway-but not this time). Thus, it is impossible to get to the main routes in a regular car-and impossible to get to work.

Snow day humour!

Snow day humour!

This morning I sent a text message to my boss and she had no problem with me taking the day off (with a bit of work from home to deal with the high priority stuff). So, here I am. The hot chocolate will be ready soon, all the blinds and curtains are wide open to let in the bright white natural light reflecting off the snow in, and later I think I will go make a snowman. We will see if I still have any snowman making skills-it has been awhile.


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