Farm Up!

Farm Up game-The farm at a very early stage.

Farm Up game-The farm at a very early stage.

A few years ago, people were crazy for the Farmville game on Facebook. I never started playing it but I do like computer games occasionally. I don’t like to purchase games without trying them first as many of them I don’t end up liking. Big Fish Games is a great site for games-they allow one to try a game for an hour and then choose to buy or not. I have purchased a handful of them over time through their website. They are cheap and provide hours of entertainment!!! You also do not need to buy a game console and get a wide variety of games which is great. I try to download a few trial one hour games before I go on a flight or have a long stopover as well as it kills a lot of time and does not require the internet. Personally, I like the matching, time management, and hidden object games the best.

Anyway, a few months ago I decided to try a game called Farm Up. Turns out, this is a free ongoing game (of course you can buy ‘gold’ and advance a bit quicker if you are not patient) and it involves developing a virtual farm. Over the last few months, I have spent countless hours improving my farm through this game! It is very addictive. I am now at the point where I am shipping my produce and animal products all over the continent (Mexico, the US, and Canada!). Sounds silly, I know, but it is actually heaps of fun. My husband made endless fun of me when I first started playing the game but has since also download the game on his phone and is addicted! He hasn’t touched his XBOX for months or bought a new game but he plays this one daily-free and fun!


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